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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ethics and Ethnic

This is a brief follow up on my sermon of March 25.  I want to summarize.  The life of Christian faith is not about faithful people, but a faithful God.  Do we as Mennonites have something to say about God?  About who God is?  About what God does?  Or do we only offer word and deed that point to us?

In a tradition known for rigorous ethical practices, the temptation to idolatry is great.  It is possible for us to imagine a Christian walk that leaves God out altogether.  This is especially true for a tradition with a discreet ethnic identity or identities.


beth bontrager said...

Recognizing that faith is about God being faithful to us correlates directly to the idea that when we worship, all things in worship are God-directed and about God, not about us and how we are faithful. We, in our human inadequacy, are faithful to God inconsistently. God's faithfulness to us as God's people is consistent, forever. Thus worship should celebrate this.