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Friday, June 8, 2012
Don Miller just brought me an op-ed piece on preaching from last Friday's Wall Street Journal, which is a nice follow up to my thoughts on relevant preaching. "The hunt for a good sermon" is a quick read, with some great quotes from Eugene Peterson's recent memoir, The Pastor.


Mary E. Yoder said...

I appreciate Peterson's comments. I wonder if we have given enough attention to Jesus' meaning for the Kingdom of God here and now. I would welcome an intense study of Jesus' teaching on this. I think it has implications for so many areas of our lives. For example, a current issue has to do with how we make choices on election day? Should the church be doing more to impact the political agenda, and how? Should the church not be having such discussions to help us sort out the issues? What does it mean to act justly in the current political environment when justice seems in short supply for many citizens?

Don Miller said...

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