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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Making Justice with Business

As a Christian interested in biblical justice there have been times in my life when I have looked askance at my Christian brothers and sisters involved in business and finance. But as a pastor (one who believes justice is part of any Christian vocation) I have been privileged to walk with people who are pursuing a Christian vocation in the world of business and finance. I have been humbled and chastened by the experience, as I have come to realize how self serving my own narrative of vocation can be. As a congregation with a high percentage of professionals and former professionals, those involved in education, healthcare, church service, or other professions, we can be quick to recognize how these can be Christian vocations, and slower to recognize the ways of making a living more foreign to us can be. As we proclaim God's mighty acts as justice maker, let us recognize that all of us are participants in injustice, and all of us can be instruments of God's justice, even as the pitfalls are many.


Anonymous said...

We in the US have developed an economic system built on greed. As I have experienced other systems and the affects on people, I come to the same conclusion. Christ told us not to be of this world and to be salt and light. I am thankful that as my son has, I too have observed some outstanding Christian behavior in the business world.